Foot patrol is the best way of securing the venue as the active guards walk all over the corners of the venue to check the place is secure and there are no marks of treats such as incoming of thieves or a broken lock of the venue. For this type of security RD Security services had the best active security guard who is best and loyal to their work to whom you can trust with your belongings.

As RD security services main aim is to satisfy the customer with the high tech protection RD security services offers variety types of the foot patrols for your security which suits the client need:-

  • Random hours petrol
  • Holidays petrol
  • Building suits
  • Continues petrol after a specific time


Vehicle petrol is the type of security in the guards to visit the whole site using the vehicle. Vehicle petrol is the best-offered security at the huge sites where CCTV security is not enough to keep the place secure and safe. Vehicle petrol is the highest protected security as the guards periodically visit the whole sites and check whether the place is secure or not. By keeping in mind RD security and services had specially designed the periodical vehicle petrol schedule in which helps you to secure your huge sites or venue. RD security services had formed a special type of vehicle petrol to secure the sites:

  • Specific time petrol
  • Random petrol
  • Continues petrol after a specific time
  • Building sites