An industrial dispute is a friction or disagreement between two or more parties due to several reasons such as the difference in their perception, opinions, mindsets, attitudes, and values but specific in the organization the parties engaged in the disputes are basically employer and employee, employee and employee, employer and employer, etc. and this industrial disputes can bring your business a massive problem. Industrial disputes sometimes result in poor industrial relation in an organization and for such industrial disputes, RD security has a specialized team which will always stand beside you to help in investigating the problem or cause of dispute and many more.

RD security service is fully capable of assisting your business at the time of industrial disputes. RD security services can help in obtaining evidence and solution of the secondary picketing, intimidation, violence, and obstruction which can prolong the interruption to normal business. RD security services has a specialized team for your professional guidance to solve your industrial disputes:-

  • Crowd Control
  • Provide evidence from the frontline
  • Identify ringleaders
  • Conduct background intelligence on unions and individuals
  • Protect key people or assets
  • Crisis and contingency management